July 16th, 2013

I notice the shadow of my moving arms. They do not replicate the size of my arms. They seem larger than that, like wings. In this moment, I feel like a human-sized crow, a bird of prey. You do not notice this transformation. Instead, you speak about the experience of having your aura read. The healer told you that you have intuition and that your aura is a funnel for other energies. I imagine energy moving in a sideways arc from my belly to your belly. Can you perceive my thoughts? For just as I had sent something evil your way, you told me that your drink tasted colder. Before sex, you felt the numbness in my fingers and in my toes. Didn’t that communicate to you everything about me?

The truth is, you have no intuition. The mind is opaque behind the skull. You have no idea who I am, or that all my rage converges within me into one black incandescence. I am salt on a rose petal, a magnet of cruelty, obsidian black.


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